Intuitive and practical, Ally has a knack for connecting the dots that can otherwise seem so disjointed. She connects easily with people and does a fantastic job interpreting ideas from theory to daily life and offers practical steps to help move you forward. She was inspiring and so helpful with my own path. I would highly recommend her.

- Annie Temmink, artist & designer

We all feel stuck sometimes.

Whether it's a subtle ache of unease about where you are headed in life or a heavy weight of uncertainty about what the next step is...we all feel it.

In 2012 my life had a subtle hue of stuckness when a book unceremoniously came into my life.  I was living in Los Angeles and experiencing a generally light hearted existence - working, going back to school and enjoying sunshine and beaches in the time between.  I moved through life with a certain fervor but a small amount of stuckness always moved with me, concern about if I was making the right moves, what direction my life was heading in, where would I end up? 

And then a book dropped into my life, simply and without much introduction.  

 When I finally cracked the cover open it was with a gentle push from my best friend and spiritual partner in crime and, almost instantly, both of our lives changed.  We found just what the book promised: new meaning, purpose and direction.  We were an unusual triangle of support and inspiration, just two people and a book deconstructing our life paths.  My spiritual partner in crime still lives in Los Angeles but the book continues to travel with me.  It has seen three countries, a handful of states, and over 100+ life path readings.

The book is called The Life You Were Born To Live and is written by Dan Millman who acknowledges that thousands of years of information and spiritual systems have influenced his book.  You can find his book here - an investment I encourage everyone to make.  

My intention is to present the major themes of your life path, interpreted via Dan Millman's book, in a form that is a quick reference and accessible on a daily basis, allowing the book to remain an in-depth study and expansion of your major themes.  It is a longtime passion of mine (and part of my life path!) to inspire, uplift and encourage others.  Readings, life path cards and quick reference guides are a few ways in which I foster this passion and provide a service that supports your life path.  Let's uncover your new meaning, purpose, and direction together.