The daily life of an artist doesn't look that different on the surface - there are times to work, times to play, bills to pay and meals to eat. But when an artist “goes to work”, it is without a specific employer, it is without a clear outline of daily tasks, and it is without the security of an hourly rate. Rather, an artist goes to work for those things that cannot be easily defined or measured: an artist goes to work uncovering the subtle mysteries of life. An artist goes to work expressing the universal principles of healing, growth and discovery. An artist goes to work for each and every person, every experience, every moment and works to connects the cosmic dots. An artist goes to work for you.

To directly support this important work not only validates the process but encourage it as well. It allows the artist to stay rooted in the process, daily, without distraction. There are many ways to support an artists’ work; here are just a few:

  • purchase a print or an original piece of artwork to decorate your home or office!

  • come to a show! Your presence alone is supportive.

  • recommend this work to your local art gallery spaces.

  • support the daily expenses of this artist (eg. paintbrushes, canvas, etc.) by donating via the link below!

Support the Work